Class: protocol_parameter

def: a protocol_parameter is a cardinal part of protocol whose value is controlled during a protocol application. defprov:OBI rem: Chris T means dose and rpm; cardinal part of protocol; Barry: not clear why we have this; do not need measurement a term that describes a protocol but which does not exist in the absence of the protocol. Some parameters are set e.g. settings on an instrument, sex of an organism. Hue, saturation and brightness do not exist without colour.


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Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

additional_axis_unit, atom_environment_encoding, number_of_scans, number_of_steady_state_scans, quality_check_peak_feature, relaxation_delay, sample_introduction_parameter, tilt, water_suppression_parameter, window_function_parameter, x-axis_unit, x_end_value, x_start_value, y-axis_unit
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