Class: instrument

defneed: tempdef: a device, or set of devices, connected as part of a single object, that are used for a common purpose such as separating components in a mixture, spinning and/or measuring, e.g., a centrifuge, a liquid chromatography mass spectrometer. . rem1: At the meeting in Philly I wrote that BS said that it should be a count term, such as a set of instruments. By allowing connected devices we avoid the problem of things like LCMS being considered separate items, since we have a number of discrete functions like separation, making things fly, monitoring the charge and mass of what flies etc that are all part of a single machine. defprov: helen causton


Super Classes


Disjoint Classes

cardinal_part_of_instrument, consumables, platform, investigation_object_role, site


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

autosampler, cardinal_part_of_NMR_instrument, liquid_chromatography_instrument, mass_spectrometry_instrument, NMR_instrument, NMR_tube_washing_system, optional_part_of_NMR_instrument, SampleRail
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