Class: CryoProbe

def: The Bruker BioSpin CryoProbe is a high-performance cryogenically cooled probe developed for high-resolution applications. It has improved signal/noise (S/N) ratios obtained by reducing the operating temperature of the coil and the pre-amplifier. As a result, the efficiency of the coil is improved and the noise of the coil and the pre-amplifier are reduced.The dramatic increase in the S/N ratio by a factor of 3-4, as compared to conventional probes, leads to a possible reduction in experiment time of up to 16 or a reduction in required sample concentration by a factor of up to 4. The CryoProbes possess key characteristics for NMR analysis: Significant S/N gains (with moderately salty samples also) Short pulse widths Short ring down times Linear behavior in power response Gradient capability CryoProbes are available as Triple Resonance, Dual, Selective X Detection, MicroImaging, and Quad Nucleus Probes configurations at 400 MHz and higher All high resolution probes have a lock circuit All high resolution probes have Z-gradient defprov: Bruker website


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