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def: Over the past few years there has been a significantly growing demand for miniaturization in all areas ofmodern research and development. Evoked by many exciting applications, there is a need for analytical methods which require less amounts of sample. Bruker BioSpin meets this challenge with a revolutionary NMR probe design: The 1mm MicroProbe. It operates with disposable 1mm capillary sample tubes and the sample volume of 5 microliters enables the use of lowest amounts of sample to run all high resolution NMR experiments with outstanding sensitivity and up to 16 times faster measurements. Due to the TXI-type probe design, the z-gradient coil and the automatic matching and tuning accessory, the 1mm MicroProbe can be used for a wide variety of NMR experiments. The key advantages of this probe include: up to 4 times higher mass sensitivity than 5mm conventional probes (with respect to the same sample amount) excellent solvent suppression properties virtually no salt effect discrete samples in tubes that can be sealed and stored automation accessory for sample preparation and handling available defprov: Bruker website


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